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Quote of the Week

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"All the beautiful sentiments in the world weigh less than a single lovely action."
~James Russell Lowell


Elwood project revitalizes downtown with improvements

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This summer, the village of Elwood saw the fruits of years of planning.
The Elwood downtown revitalization project is near completion with 15businesses reaping the benefits of a bit of a facelift.
The project started in December 2010 with the Village of Elwood Redevelopment Authority meeting with Dawson Area Development looking into option available. From there, the ERA (Elwood Redevelopment Authority) pinpointed the area of focus to business along highways 283 and 23.
With business input, support, and suggestions, the project took off in 2011 with Elwood being awarded $30,000 from The Nebraska Department of Economic Development to develop a comprehensive plan.  
In June 2012, the Nebraska Department of Economic Development awarded Elwood a downtown revitalization grant of $250,000.

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Council approves budget request, survey on-line

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Arapahoe City Councilmen assembled in the council room for the August 5th City Council meeting.  Mayor John E. Koller called the meeting to order at 7:35 p.m.  and stated that the Council abides by the Open Meetings Act posted in the Council Room.  Present for the meeting were Dan Kreutzer, Troy tenBensel, John Paulsen, Todd Monie, Chris Middagh and Ward Carpenter.  City staff present were Nicole Kubik, Greg Schievelbein and Kevin Urbom.  Visitors who were welcomed to the meeting were Jennifer Einspahr, Alisha Wasenius, Bob Bell and Erick Lee.

Consent Agenda
After the roll call was taken, the Council reviewed the Consent Agenda.  A motion was made by Middagh, seconded by Kreuzter to approve thte July 15th minutes and claims in the amount of $123,830.64.  Motion carried 6-0.

City Reports
City Attorney Urbom talked briefly about the North Addition property and had been in contact with Rachel Stearns.  City will continue with condemnation.  
City Superintendent Schievelbein presented the following report:  NPPD replaced meter at Fourth and Vine and repaired street  lights; city crew removed concrete south of S & W Auto Parts.  Schievelbein received final video and reports from Johnson Services.  They reported that there were two breaks that need repair.  The Council agreed to go ahead with both repairs at a cost $3,500.  The Council also discussed the fire hydrant that was recently damaged.  Urbom will pursue this matter.

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