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Pinewood Derby held on Sunday

boyscout reaction 4 col

The Arapahoe Cub Scouts held a Pinewood Derby on Sunday afternoon, and the boys had a great time racing their cars. Winners were: Landon Hoefs, 1st; Eli Whipple, 2nd; and Ander Wasenius, 3rd.



Arapahoe, Holbrook look to continue progress

The City of Arapahoe and the Village of Holbrook has accomplished much in 2014 and have more projects on the horizon for 2015. Arapahoe Mayor John E. Koller and Holbrook board chairman Dale Long sat down the Arapahoe Public Mirror staff to discuss the accomplishments of the past year.

In Arapahoe, Koller had many projects and highlights of 2014 to talk about. “One of the highlights (of last year) and most noticeable is the South Park recreation area. It is finished enough that people have noticed and made very positive comments,” Koller said.  People have commented that they have noticed a genuine improvement from last year. At one point in the past, it was a junkyard.

“We have to finish a few things; we have fitness equipment that will be place around the trail,” he said.  There’s also grass to be planted, and a nine-hole frisbee/disc golf that will be set up. The RV Park is done, the trail is done, and the sledding hill is completed. “We’re just frozen right now and just waiting to thaw out.”

The City also installed a water fill station south of town across from the baseball field. The system offers large quantity of water to be utilize for farm and construction purposes; it’s a dollar operated water fill station.

Some projects are necessary but not as tangible as a new recreation area. The city has worked on, and is continuing to work on, street repair. “We’ve finished a significant amount of street repair. Our streets are getting old and crumbling away on the edge.” Sewage lagoon was completed for the feed of land applications. It connects to pivots and stays in compliance with NDEQ water quality guidelines.

2014 saw the completion of the Comprehensive Study and Plan. “We’ve done a comprehensive study and plan. It’s required a lot of time and effort, but it was for a good reason. It was something that had to be done in order to complete construction projects such as Dollar General. That was directly benefited from our blight study and comprehensive plan. We were able to do a TIF (tax incentive fund) project for the city. The water and sewer extensions and paving were funded by the TIF fund. The bowling alley is also benefiting from the TIF project.”

“We entered into a program with West Central Nebraska Development District to start a nuisance and abatement program. WCNDD did a curbside visual inspection to determine if a property was nuisance or needed abatement and to check if they were within codes and ordinances.” Koller said it an ongoing project that West Central Nebraska Development District will oversee. Currently, northeast and southeast of Arapahoe have been completed.

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