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Kim and Joe Helms named Holbrook Days grand marshals

DSC_0017The annual Holbrook Days weekend kicks off this Friday with traditional events and a Woodstock-esque theme.

​ Teresa (Joe) and Kim Helms have been chosen as grand marshals of the Saturday evening parade, which starts at 6 p.m.

​The Helms have lived in the area all their lives, but have resided in Holbrook for 35 years.  Joe lived in Wilsonville and graduated in 1979. Kim graduated from Arapahoe High School in 1975. They married in July 1980. At the time, Kim was working for Schaben  Trucking and then for Bellamy Implement  and also drove for Hoffman’s for several years. He now works for Landmark in Arapahoe.

Joe worked for Furnas County Sheriff’s as a dispatcher for 15 years. Currently, she works for Wenburg Funeral Home.They raised two daughters, Cassie (Hilker) and Mandy. Cassie and her husband, Craig Hilker, reside north of Arapahoe with their two daughters, Clara and Meg; Mandy lives in Holdrege and works for ESU#11.

​ Joe said,“The first thing Cassie texted back when we told her were we going to be Grand Marshals is ‘you must be getting old.’”

Kim said “We’ve both been active in a lot of different aspects (of Holbrook) whether is it has been with the village board or Lion Club Sale.” The Helms have been active in the community. Kim has served on the Holbrook Village Board and Joe has been an EMS since 1992. Joe served on the Holbrook Days committee for several years; she is also on the volunteer fire department and EMS.

​ Joe says the thing that they love about living in Holbrook is the small town atmosphere. Kim said it’s quiet. They both agree that it is a good place to raise kids. Joe talked about the wonderful neighbors they’ve had over the years: Dorothy and Clarence (Smitty) Schmid, Doug and Sandy Long, Harold and Leila Barnett, Melinda Niemeier, Gerald Cotnoir, Sharlene and Maurice Schrock, and Nina Andrews.   Kim said, “The bonds you create over the years… it’s almost closer than family.”

​ When asked about their favorite memories of Holbrook Days, Joe joked, “That’s a lot of years to try and figure out” said Joe.   Kim said that several years back when the theme of the parade was “Looney Tunes”,  Kim entered his Plymouth Road Runner in the parade. Kim will be using the Road Runner again for this year’s parade and hopes to have their grandchildren ride with them in the parade. Kim’s owned the Road Runner since 1979 and almost considers it to be a “Holbrook landmark.”

This year, Holbrook Days will start on Friday with their annual CPDC Hamburger Feed at the Community Building, followed by Prairie Pizza Bingo, and Little Bit of Heaven trio and Cindy Boehler at CPDC, and Karaoke at HOJO’s at 9 pm.

​ Saturday’s events start with the Pre-Fair Livestock Show at the Park, The road rally at noon. This year, the new activity at 2 pm is the Open Mic/Jam Session held at the CPDC and sponsored by Cindy Boehler.  The evening activates include the parade, Firemen & EMS Ham and Brisket Feed, Kids games, and street dance featuring “Whiskey Richard.”

​The ever –popular River Rate Volleyball tournament takes place on Sunday followed by Bingo at 3 p.m.

Ordinance Enforcement to improve driving habits

For many years it has become acceptable for many bad driving habits.  We are always in such a hurry in life’s fast pace or what we perceive as so much to do, so little time to get it done.  Unfortunately in our haste or laziness, sometimes both many drivers have adopted many bad driving habits.

It is the job of the Sheriff’s Office to help improve driving habits as well as keep people safe.  A lot of the time these are synonymous with each other.

I have always believed that the job of law enforcement is to gain voluntary compliance.  That is why I am writing this article to hopefully change/improve some of the driving habits without further action.  However, I know from experience that not everyone will adhere to a simple suggestion therefore we will take the following steps for those that don’t.  Because it has become such a habit we will take the following enforcement actions in an attempt to help everyone get use to some of the new ordinance enforcement.  This will be a four step process (hopefully only step one is needed).

Step 1:  Publication in Paper

Step 2:  Verbal Warning (If you have received this Next will be)

Step 3:  Written Warning (If you have received this Next will be)

Step 4:  Citation

We will be focusing on the following city ordinances:

1.  Turning to proceed in opposite direction; 60-6,160  No vehicle shall be turned so as to proceed in the opposite direction where such turns are prohibited by signs

Any vehicle turning across the street to park on the other side of the street or turning to go the other direction where signs are posted no U turn will be considered in violation.

2. Parking on the wrong side of the street; Traffic Code 72.01:  No person shall park any vehicle or approach the curb with a vehicle except when headed in the direction of the traffic.

Any vehicle parked within the corporate limits that any portion of the vehicle is on any public street parked on the wrong side of the street will be considered in violation.

For the rest of this, and other stories, please subscribe to the Arapahoe Public Mirror.


  1. I hunted pheasant in the Arapaho area in 1972 for 4 days.

    We were there from Ohio ( 6 of us ) the motels were all full and we were eating at a restaurant and some local residents named Hockemyer overheard us talking about not having a place to stay near the town. They invited us to stay at their house which if I recalled was south of the main business district. They were an older couple and just so friendly – the mom cooked us breakfast and dinner they asked for 10.00 per day per man which was more that fair at the time. I have often thought about them.

    Bill T Parma Ohio


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